ESC LHIN Strategic Plan 2012 – 2015

The strategic plan is focused on finding ways to increase funding to front-line care, improving health and wellness, and creating a better patient experience.

When the LHINs were first created in 2006, it quickly became evident to these new organizations that there were gaps in local health care service. Over the past several years, the Erie St. Clair LHIN (ESC LHIN) has been actively addressing ways to reduce and eliminate these gaps through a tactical document know as the Integrated Health Service Plan (IHSP).

While we are having great success aligning services through our IHSP, we have added a new tool to our tool box – our strategic plan (click to download).

Strategic Plan Placemat - Download the most current statistics 


Our New Vision

Better Care,
Better Experiences,
Better Value

Unlike an IHSP, which focuses on services, the strategic plan is designed to have a broader scope which looks at health care from the organizational level. This will:

  • Help the ESC LHIN Board and staff achieve the IHSP goals
  • Improve efficiencies in order to direct more dollars directly into frontline care
  • Increase collaboration amongst health service providers to provide the right service, in the right place, at the right time
  • Increase our stakeholder engagements so we have a stronger understanding of the system and community needs

This new strategic plan is being used to engage our health service providers in an open conversation about ways to transition health care and improve the patient experience, even in challenging economic times. Using our Action Guide, we have put the call out to our agencies to address two, of our three, key strategic directions: Chronic Disease Management Strategy and Bold, Focused Leadership.

The Erie St. Clair LHIN’s Strategic Directions:

Chronic Disease Management Strategy Realign the system so that people with chronic diseases receive better regular care, are better able to self-manage their conditions, and are less reliant on emergency and acute care services. 
Focused Leadership
As leaders of local health care, we must make courageous decisions that create a more tightly integrated, better aligned and sustainable system where people receive the best care possible. 
Partnerships in Health Promotion Create better links between all health promotion and prevention organizations, so that people have better access to programs that help them to live healthier lives. 

The Erie St. Clair LHIN is setting aggressive targets based on the objectives in our Strategic Plan. Moving forward, the Erie St. Clair LHIN is working with health service providers, the public, and other stakeholders to continue to find ways to reduce and eliminate system gaps. Through a focused, strategic, approach we will create an equitable local health care system that will meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.