Health Equity for Newcomers/Immigrants Committee

In order to help newcomers and immigrants better access local health care services, the Health Equity for Newcomers/Immigrants Committee (HENI) has been developed in partnership with the Windsor Essex Local Immigration Partnership. The HENI Committee seeks to better align and coordinate our local health care system through partnership, communication, and engagement.

The HENI Committee has adopted the following objectives to promote health equity for newcomers in Windsor/Essex:

  • Enhance collaboration between health and community agencies supporting newcomers
  • Facilitate training, resource sharing and support the implementation of evidence based best practices for health care professionals and between health care, community and newcomer organizations
  • Explore strategies to leverage the “relative advantage” that presents itself when new immigrants first arrive in Canada through early intervention and preventative care
  • Engage newcomers regularly in the process of identifying what they need and what would work in terms of health care services
  • Increase newcomer awareness and understanding of the healthcare system
  • Increase our understanding of the factors that promote the deterioration of newcomers’ health across immigration categories, age, sex and ethnicity to prioritize higher risk populations 

Erie St. Clair LHIN Role

The ESC LHIN will organize, facilitate and support / direct (co-chair) the planning meetings and processes as needed. The ESC LHIN will also manage the processes to gather from both the settlement sector and the wider health care system.

The ultimate role of the Erie St. Clair LHIN is to support practices that will improve access to an appropriate continuum of supports for newcomer and immigrants that will result in improved population health outcomes for this cohort.

Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference for the HENI Committee is an evolving document that is undergoing frequent revision. Click here to view the most recent version of the Terms of Reference.

HENI Milestones

The Health Equity for Newcomers/Immigrants Committee has achieved many important milestones. To view a timeline of the milestones, click here.   

More Information

For more information on the HENI Committee, please contact Sarah May Garcia, Erie St. Clair LHIN Lead Health System Design, at