Erie St. Clair Mental Health and Addiction Network

The Erie St. Clair Mental Health and Addiction Network is responsible for providing high-level strategic counsel to the Erie St. Clair LHIN to advance system-wide planning, performance oversight for the Leadership Tables, and informed decision-making.


  1. Provide a collaborative executive level structure to inform short and longer term LHIN strategies, funding initiatives, and decisions that will positively impact upon people and families living with mental illness and addiction.
  2. Ensure the aims of the Mental Health and Addiction Network and Leadership Tables are consistent with best practices, directions of the broader health-care system and Provincial initiatives.
  3. Function as leaders in advancing quality of services, improved access, system coordination, and integration/partnership across the continuum of care.
  4. Provide evaluation recommendations and oversight pertaining to the effectiveness of mental health and addiction investments such as the promising practices and Erie St. Clair LHIN-wide projects.