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(December 21, 2011) 

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At the Southern-most tip of Canada is the remote location of Pelee Island. Pelee Island is known not only for its beauty, culture and history, but also for its unique geography – a geography that inspires both opportunities and challenges. Health care by nature is complex and finding appropriate and sustainable health care solutions for a unique location, such as Pelee Island, is all the more challenging.

Pelee Island final report - Final Report click to download


ESC VON Serving the Community of Pelee Island

“Erie St. Clair VON is very excited to be currently serving residents of Pelee Island with 24/7 Emergency Nursing. VON has a long history of providing innovative and altruistic services to Canadians; inclusive of several remote geographies within Ontario. VON Nurses have been serving Pelee Island through rotational shifts since January 16th, 2012.

The Community of Pelee Island has been extremely welcoming to the VON team and we are very thankful for this opportunity to serve.” – Andrew Ward, District Executive Director, ESC VON

In order to provide services, VON is working with key community partners including: the Municipality of Pelee Island, Leamington District Memorial Hospital and Essex-Windsor Emergency Medical Services. The Erie St. Clair Local Health Integration Network has been instrumental in facilitating the integration of this much needed service.

How is the ESC LHIN Involved?

The Erie St. Clair LHIN has taken an active role in bringing together people across the region and the province to find health care solutions for Pelee Island. The ESC LHIN was not initially involved in this particular discussion as it fell outside of our funding mandate, however, we see this as an important opportunity to step forward and play an active role in finding the right care for the people of Pelee Island.

What is the Pelee Island Task Force?

The ESC LHIN formed the Pelee Island Health Care Task Force to analyze, evaluate and make recommendations regarding services to support health care on Pelee Island.

Aims of the Pelee Island Health Care Task Force

  • To comprehensively understand the health care challenges currently on Pelee Island and to determine what long-term sustainable health care services need to be in place
  • To identify and recommend any other options available for sustainable health care delivery
  • To evaluate the current state and identified options vs. the criteria of access of service, coordination of care, effectiveness, long-term sustainability, patient safety and quality
  • To develop a process to continually monitor any potential service changes and ensure they align with the larger health care system

For more information, please see the task force terms of reference.

Task Group Membership

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Ann Mitchell Lucy Coppola
Brian Gray  Marlene (Mo) Pearce 
Dr. Claudio Munoz  Mary-Lou Atkinson 
Dr. Martin Lees  Mayor Rick Masse 
Dr. Paul Bradford Ralph Ganter
Dr. Rachel Park  Randy Mellow 
Dr. Todd Sands  Ray Durocher 
Gordon C. Pow  Rob Hodgson
John Stenger  Sandra Lariviere 
Lori Feltz  Shannon Sasseville 
Andrew Tompsett