Community Capacity Plan

The Community Capacity Plan is a road map for the transition of services from acute care that can be safely delivered in the community.

The plan will provide the ESC LHIN with:

  • Comprehensive understanding of local community-based needs
  • Proposed strategy developed by local stakeholders and the community
  • An implementation plan that identifies sequenced initiatives and transitions of care to increase local community capacity

Create a stronger coordinated care path between primary care services, community health service providers, and hospital services

The planning framework considers:

  • Ministry health care transformation directions
  • Coordination between patients, primary care, and health service providers
  • Where possible, transitions procedures out of hospital
  • Avoiding unnecessary admission to hospitals
  • Restorative/rehabilitation care opportunities

Steering Committee of Representatives

  • WRH
  • HDGH
  • LDMH
  • CCAC
  • community health service providers
  • long-term care and rest homes
  • Windsor Housing
  • Family Health Team
  • Emergency Medical Services Windsor-Essex
  • ESC LHIN staff

Committee evaluated and agreed to the components of services that could potentially transition from acute care to community