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The Erie St. Clair Local Health Integration Network (ESC LHIN) Board of Directors received an update on the Small Community Hospital Emergency Department Study where LHIN staff recommended moving on from the study to focus efforts on improving primary health care.

Gary Switzer, CEO, and Ralph Ganter, Senior Director of Planning and Integration, presented the findings since the initial Hay Group report was issued one year ago. The ESC LHIN has continued to look at data, listen to the suggestions of the community and seek the advice of experts in the field in preparation for the release of guidelines from the Rural and Northern Health Care Panel.

By focusing on primary health care, the LHIN is ensuring that people’s health care needs are met in a more appropriate setting than Emergency Departments (EDs). A key finding was that EDs have increasingly become safety nets for a challenged primary health care system. Good primary health care is the foundation of keeping people healthy and includes chronic disease management and prevention, and treatment of acute non-life threatening conditions.

It was also announced that the LHIN will be assembling a Primary Health Care Task Group. The group will assist the LHIN in planning a better primary health care system in Erie St. Clair and the Terms of Reference will be presented at the February Board meeting.

LHIN officials assured the Board there are no plans to close any small hospital in Erie St. Clair and that the hospitals will have to evolve to meet the health care needs of the community.

Provincial Rural and Northern Health Care Panel Information

Rural And Northern Health Panel Takes Shape Ontario has officially announced the members of the new Rural and Northern Health Care Panel. The panel, to be chaired by Kirkland and District Hospital CEO, Hal Fjeldsted, will provide recommendations to the government on how to better coordinate the delivery of health care services in Ontario’s rural and northern areas.
Members of Ontario’s Rural and Northern Health Care Panel The panel’s members represent a broad range of stakeholders and health care professionals who will draw on their experiences working in rural and northern areas of Ontario.

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Download the Hay Group Report

Click here to download a full copy of the Hay Group final report.


The Erie St. Clair LHIN officially launched the Small Community Hospital Emergency Department Study in August, 2008.

Hay Group Health Care Consulting was commissioned to complete a study that was intended to provide us with the data and recommendations we need to develop a plan for sustaining cost effective, quality-centered, and timely emergency services in Leamington, Petrolia, Wallaceburg and surrounding areas.

The Hay Group ended their study in January, 2009, after consulting with Steering Committee for a review and validation of the facts presented in the report. The Steering Committee consists of: Erie St. Clair LHIN staff and Emergency Department Lead (Dr. David Ng), as well as an ED physician and an ED Manager from each of the participating hospitals.

A presentation on the study findings and recommendations made for the consideration of the ESC LHIN was made on January 27, 2009, as part of a special information meeting of the ESC LHIN Board of Directors. The report identified a number of challenges at each site with Hay Group recommendations made to address these challenges.