ALC Resource Matching & Referral (ALC RM&R)

ALC Resource Matching and Referral (ALC RM&R) is an electronic information and referral system that contributes to LHIN and provincial strategies of reducing Emergency Room wait times and Alternative Level of Care days and improving health equity within the health care system. This is made possible by improving workflow and communication during the referral process, matching patients/clients to earliest available and most appropriate care/support setting, and delivering the right level of service at the right time.

The Alternative Level of Care Resource Matching & Referral Business Transformation Initiative [ALC RM&R BTI]

Ontario’s ALC patient referral landscape is complex and is characterized by inconsistent processes for referring clients to programs and services. ALC RM&R BTI is supported by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and will streamline the provincial patient referral environment.  It will deliver meaningful benefits to patients, health service providers (HSP) and health system planners through increased collaboration, standardized referral processes, and joint accountabilities, all of which will ensure more efficient, equitable and client-centric care.  The in-scope referral processes have been defined as Acute to Rehab, Acute to Complex Continuing Care, Acute to Long-Term Care and Acute to CCAC in-home services.

ALC RM&R BTI supports the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care ER/ALC Strategy, the Excellent Care for All Strategy, and Ontario’s eHealth Strategy. The implementation of RM&R across the province has been endorsed by all 14 LHIN CEOs as a provincial priority project for the LHINs.