2014/2015 Erie St. Clair LHIN Mental Health and Addiction Services Investments Chart - revised

The following chart provides details on the allocation of $2 million dollars in new base funding for Mental Health and Addiction Services in Erie St. Clair.

Health Service Organization



2014/15 Funding Amount

2015/16 Funding Amount

Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare Transitional Stability Centre The Transitional Stability Centre will offer a community-orientated day and outreach program based on voluntary participation by the client. The objective of the centre is to provide support and facilitation for individuals who are seeking assistance in managing their mental health and addiction symptoms. This will help them transition to a more stable lifestyle. $900,000 $900,000
Canadian Mental Health Association Lambton Kent  Rapid Assessment Intervention Treatment Team The Rapid Assessment Intervention Treatment (RAIT) team is a new model for patient care that increases capacity for mental health assessments and treatment. The program offers a shared care model with primary health care practitioners. The goal is to assist primary care practitioners with managing their patients better by detecting and treating mental health conditions early. $438,450 $438,450
Bluewater Health  Withdrawal Management Outreach Program in Sarnia/Lambton  The goal of the Withdrawal Management Outreach Program is to create a client-centered, holistic approach to assist anyone who has an addiction need. The service currently offered is having a positive impact and to-date over 250 clients have received service since the program began 10 months ago. The investment will expand the scope of service and allow more people to be able access the program.  $84,000 n/a
Canadian Mental Health Association Lambton Kent (in partnership with CMHA Windsor Essex and Chatham-Kent Health Alliance)   Early Intervention Expansion & Head Space Program/Access This investment will help to expand the program and enable more youth, teens, and young adults (ages 14 to 35) to access mental health services. The program which is currently available in Chatham-Kent will be expanded to Sarnia/Lambton and Windsor/Essex. Partners include: CMHA Lambton-Kent, CMHA WECB, Chatham-Kent Health Alliance, and local school boards. $77,500 $310,000
Westover Residential Treatment Facility  Second Stage Relapse Prevention Program  This program has shifted from a pilot program to a core addiction program based at Westover. The program is available to clients who have received addiction treatment (residential or outpatient) and are self-identifying as being at risk for relapse. $40,000 $57,000
Canadian Mental Health Association Lambton Kent  Mental Health Literacy  Building upon prior work accomplished by local school boards, the mental health literacy program is an evidence-based program increasing awareness of healthy mindfullness, signs and symptoms, as well as focusing on reducing stigma about mental illness. $30,000 $120,000
Mental Health Connections  Service Integration Service integration and promotion of greater autonomy for the two Consumer Survivor Intiatives in Chatham-Kent and Sarnia/Lambton. $15,800 $40,000
Canadian Mental Health Association Lambton Kent   Aboriginal Wellness Nursing Program  Promotion of a wellness lens for mental health clients receiving long acting injections, metabolic monitoring, and wellness checks. $21,750 $87,000
Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare  Wellness Nursing Program Promotion of a wellness lens for long acting injection clients and concurrent diosrdered individuals who are accessing drug replacement therapy (methadone)  $11,000 $140,000
Canadian Mental Health Association Windsor Essex Branch  Support for Housing coordination  Assistance with locating suitable future supportive housing units for people with a serious mental illness / concurrent disorder and are at risk for homelessness  $18,000 $18,000
House of Sophrosyne Caring Connections Transitional Housing The caring connection program provides support for addicted pregnant women / addicted women with young children. One-time funding is required to assist with the initial operations of a transitional group home environment.  $40,000 n/a
Bulimia Anorexia Nervosa Association  Enable Technology Use (OTN) BANA is a community mental health agency supporting people with eating disorders. Access to OTN will enable greater service to the rural areas / county.  $1,000 n/a
Canadian Mental Health Association Windsor Essex Branch  IT Software Needs IT upgrades. IT help desk solutions. Workstations. $292,000 n/a
Brentwood Recovery Home Psychiatry Supports Brentwood Recovery Home has successfully utilized psychiatry to reduce ED visits and relapse.  Additional funding will help support high volumes of clients. $10,000 $40,000
Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare  Mental Health Police Response Unit for Essex County Expansion of the successful program (also known as COAST) into the county of Essex (includes Leamington and area.) This initiative is highly supported and partnership with the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP). $19,000 $120,000
Family Counseling Centre  Improve access to facility Family Counselling Centre one time request to address access improvement opportunity. $1,500 n/a