Big News With Behavioural Supports Ontario

BSO 84% improvementOur local Behavioural Supports Ontario (BSO) Team, at the Riverside Place Long-Term Care Home in Windsor, has some outstanding results to share. Thanks to the hard work of management, staff, and the Responsive Behaviour Team, Riverside Place has reduced physical response behaviours by 84 percent, and drastically improved the quality of life for its residents.

Riverside Place achieved this outstanding success through staff-led teams, regular and consistent training, consistency of assignment, focused improvement plans, effective communication, and management support.

“I think it [BSO] has really reduced caregiver stress. When a new resident with responsive behaviours is admitted we know what to do and how to help them better.”- Betty Nguyen, RPN

In raw numbers, Riverside Place went from a median of 145.5 physical responsive behaviours in November 2012, to 33 in March 2014.

By June 2014, physical responsive behaviours reduced by 84%. This trend also occurred for all other types of responsive behaviours with an overall 80% reduction.

The BSO initiative is a significant step forward in delivering higher quality care that is more sensitive to the needs of older adults with responsive behaviours. This type of success is an example of the excellent work being done as a result of the investments and commitments to BSO.

For more information, please visit: and download a copy of the latest BSO Summer/Fall 2014 Newsletter. 

What is BSO?

The Behavioural Support in Ontario (BSO) Project was created to enhance services for elderly Ontarians with complex and “responsive” behaviours wherever they live – at home, in long-term care, or elsewhere. Responsive Behaviours include physical responsiveness such as striking out, verbal responsiveness such as repeated vocalizations and relentless exit seeking placing the resident at risk.

BSO is developing and implementing new care models, focusing on quality of care and quality of life for persons with complex behaviours. For these people, BSO will reduce the risks to themselves and others.