Erie St. Clair LHIN Lead Roles

Strong leaders are well known to draw on the advice of experts and the Erie St. Clair (ESC) LHIN is no exception to this rule. By developing strong partnerships with experts and aligning them as LHIN Leads, the ESC LHIN is better able to plan and manage local health care needs.

Through the following ESC LHIN Leads roles, providers can work collaboratively with the LHIN to implement strategies aimed at creating a better quality of care for local residents:

  • End-of-Life Lead: Beth Lambie
    The Hospice Palliative Care Lead is committed to the ongoing planning, development, and coordination of end-of-life and hospice palliative care services across Erie St. Clair. The Lead works with the Erie St. Clair LHIN as a liaison between regional and local health care providers and the ESC LHIN.
  • Primary Care Lead: Dr. Martin Lees, M.D., PhD
    The Primary Care Lead works closely with primary care providers to support the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care in implementing Health Links and engaging the primary care community in quality improvement as well as coordinating the primary care sector with the work of other organizations. The Lead also works as a liaison between local primary care providers and the ESC LHIN.
  • Emergency Department Lead: Dr. David Ng
    The Emergency Department Lead helps to improve access, quality of care, and system integration as part of Ontario’s Emergency Department and Critical Care strategies. The Lead reviews strategies and results to provide recommendations policy, implementation, and local issues related to ESC LHIN.
  • Critical Care Lead: Dr. Eli Malus
    The Critical Care LHIN Lead is a clinical expert who works collaboratively with hospitals, LHIN CEOs, Critical Care Services Ontario, CritiCall Ontario, and the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. The Lead plays a valuable role in measuring, planning, coordinating, and improving LHIN-level critical care services and system wide integration.
  • Erie St. Clair LHIN Psychiatry Lead: Dr. Tamison Doey
    The Erie St. Clair LHIN Psychiatry Lead searches out and promotes promising practices and works to improve the quality of clinical care for residents with Mental Health and Addictions conditions throughout the Erie St. Clair region. The Lead is responsible for promoting clinical practices resulting in system improvements such as reducing ED visits, ALC days, and Schedule One re-admissions within 30 days.    
  • Child and Youth Mental Health Lead: Dr. Mary Broga
    The Child and Youth Mental Health Lead is fostering a greater understanding about cross-sectorial needs and improving the quality of mental health care for children and youth in the Erie St. Clair region. The Lead is responsible for promoting evidence based practices that focus on seamless care from acute care to community including reducing youth acute mental health readmission and ED visits within 30 days.
  • Chronic Disease Prevention and Management Endocrinologist Lead: Dr. Tyceer Abouhassan
    The CDPM Endocrinologist Lead role is focused on enhancing diabetes care across the region in collaboration with primary care, specialists, and our LHIN-funded diabetes education programs.  As a hospital and community specialist, the Lead is committed to the integration of diabetes care across the health care continuum in Erie St. Clair.
  • Chronic Disease Prevention and Management Specialist Lead: Dr. Chris Licskai
    The CDPM Specialist Lead develops partnerships with physicians and community service providers to advance service delivery models and standard care paths.  This Lead role ensures uptake on best practices and promotes local CDPM work.   

Thanks to formal partnerships such as the ESC LHIN Leads, and the many other strong relationships with leaders and stakeholders in the community, the Erie St. Clair LHIN is able to make informed decisions about local health care needs. This ensures that we are creating a health system that provides better care, better experiences, and better value for residents from Chatham-Kent, to Sarnia/Lambton, to Windsor/Essex.



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