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The LDMH Neighbourhood of Care

A community hub for mental health and addiction services

The LDMH Neighbourhood of Care is improving resident’s access to addiction and mental health services by bringing health service providers together in one location. Located on-site at the Leamington District Memorial Hospital (LDMH) campus, the Neighbourhood of Care is currently home to 18 agencies who are offering programing out of the hospital, free of charge.

Through collaboration and collocation into a community hub, providers are able to easily cross-refer patients enabling ‘warm handoffs’. This makes it easier for patients and clients to manage their care by improving transitions across agencies. In addition, LDMH connects site partners to teams in the emergency room and inpatient unit to see where services might assist a patient.

“We are doing this because it’s the right thing to do.” said Terry Shields, CEO, LDMH. “It’s a lot of work to build this, but it’s working; it’s increasing local access to much needed services.”

The idea of collaborative works spaces in the private sector has taken roots in many communities across Erie St. Clair and the work that LDMH and its partners are doing brings the same advantages of collocation to the non-profit world. The advantages of a shared workspace include:
  • Finding solutions to challenging problems thanks to collective thinking
  • Developing stronger partnerships
  • Identifying opportunities to directly and quickly help patients and clients
  • Directing more resources to front-line care

There has also been a surprise outcome for LDMH. Thanks to the Neighbourhood of Care helping to establish greater trust in the community, many community groups that were initially isolated and had at one time been challenging to engage, are now more open and receptive to working with the hub partners.

“We are receiving calls from church groups, schools, and even service clubs asking a range of questions about the programs and services being offered at the hub,” said Cheryl Deter, Vice President and Chief Nursing Executive, LDMH. “As word spreads, so does the level of trust and that is helping to make sure that more people in our community are comfortable accessing services. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

For more information on programs and services available, for a complete list of partners, and to learn more about the Neighbourhood of Care, visit them online at: http://www.leamingtonhospital.com/page.php?id=4

You can also visit the hub located at Leamington District Memorial Hospital, 194 Talbot West, Leamington, Ontario, N8H 1N9.
If your agency is interested in becoming a part of the LDMH Neighbourhood of Care hub, please contact Zain Ismail, Manager of Innovations, Partnerships, and Communication  and Development at 519-326-2373 ext. 4146 or at zain.ismail@ldhm.org.