A System View Coming to Computers and Mobile Devices

It’s evident from research that information technology can be an enabler in empowering organizational operations and driving improvement, ultimately to the benefit of patients. To this end, the ESC LHIN and Oculys have collaborated to create the first regional LHIN-view tool to provide real-time information for dealing with flow processes in and between hospitals. The solution was designed to give real time at-a-glance data on our acute care system, including information on ED wait times, OR capacity, infection control, and bed capacity.

Benefits of this new technology include:
  • Real-time (1-15 min) data availability to help hospitals and the LHIN identity and mitigate issues and advance opportunities
  • A regional view, where the ESC LHIN and hospitals will be able to see surge capacity by hospital site across the ESC LHIN region
  • Assistance with repatriations from a regional perspective
  • Alerts based on a consistent set of thresholds and business rules that will help in standardizing workflow (see example below):









  • Provides a snapshot of OR utilization and bed capacity by hospital and as a region
  • Possible opportunity for further expansion into community and Long-Term Care Home sectors to help address ALC and flow pressures
For more information please contact Shannon Sasseville, Director of Communication, Public Affairs, and Organizational Development at 519-351-5677 ext. 3225 or at shannon.sasseville@lhins.on.ca