Understanding Your Options: Tips to Help You Choose Where to Call Your Home

For most of us, home is a place where we have our own space, our own things, and the freedom to do what we want. However, as we age, our definition of home may change depending on factors such as health, access to services, and the ability to spend time with family and friends. This means it’s important for people to understand the options they have available for living at home or a home in their community.

Services to Help You Stay at Home

There are many people who need some light to moderate levels of assistance to help them remain independent in their own home. If you, or a loved one, need access to home-based health services then visit the Erie St. Clair Health Line at www.eriestclairhealthline.ca. This online resource will show a wide range of options available in the community.

Retirement Homes

A retirement home is an excellent option for people who no longer wish to live in their home, but still want to enjoy an independent lifestyle. Residents, who rent an apartment within the retirement home community, are provided with a comfortable environment that is their home and not a facility. Many homes provide access to health services and assisted living, meal preparation, social events, and other important amenities. You can find a list of retirement homes on the ErieStClairHealthline.ca at: http://www.eriestclairhealthline.ca/listServices.aspx?id=10158 

Long-Term Care Homes

If a person reaches a point where there are health needs are greater than those that can be serviced by the community, then a long-term care home becomes an important option. Residents at a long-term care home will have access to the health care they need, provided by kind and caring staff who are always available. In addition, these homes also provide a variety of amenities including social activities, group dining, and a wide range of other events.

In order to access a long-term care home in your community, please contact the Erie St. Clair Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) at 519-436-2222 and ask to arrange an appointment with a Care Coordinator.