Closing information gaps in Erie St. Clair

Connecting South West Ontario’s (cSWO’s) Regional Clinical Viewer, ClinicalConnect™ is contributing to improved quality of care for palliative patients in Erie St. Clair, according to one nurse practitioner who has been using the portal almost daily since it was introduced to the Chatham Kent area.

Jon Ann Meko of the Erie St. Clair Community Access Centre’s (CCAC’s) Palliative Care Consultation Team says there used to be a “huge information gap” between the hospital and the home that often had to be filled by the patients themselves. That gap is closing, thanks to the interface funded by eHealth Ontario and the number of contributing facilities that continues to grow.

“I do find it really helpful,” Jon Ann says of ClinicalConnect. “So many of our patients are receiving care in London; being able to read the latest notes from the specialists there helps us understand why a treatment may have changed, why a drug might have been cancelled or another one, introduced. It makes all the difference to see what’s going on clinically.”

The CCAC is one of 12 approved Participating Organizations in ESC; others include Bluewater Health, North Lambton Community Health Centre and the Steeves & Rozema Group’s Long Term Care homes that collectively, have over 200 authorized ClinicalConnect users.

TransForm Shared Service Organization (TransForm), the cSWO CM&A DP, is working on an interface solution that will enable the balance of ESC’s Hospital Information Systems to communicate with the ClinicalConnect software. Testing is underway and go-live dates for all are anticipated this summer.


Funded by eHealth Ontario, the cSWO Program is the regional ehealth initiative implementing an integrated electronic health record (EHR) solution for all Ontarians.

For more information on the cSWO Program, visit their website: click here