Your LHIN. Your voice.

Being informed and being heard are keys to creating a better health care system

The health care system we manage serves a diverse population of 650,000 people of all ages and levels of health—from infants to seniors, and from generally healthy people to those who are chronically ill and, sometimes, receiving palliative care. Each has different health care needs and each expects different priorities from our health care planning.

Striking the best and most workable balance among many different points of view and competing needs (and within limited budgets) requires a healthy exchange of information. We need to understand your concerns and expectations. We also want you to understand the reasons behind the decisions we make and how these decisions contribute to a more balanced and sustainable health care system.

We promote this kind of community engagement in several ways. For instance, we host Open Board Meetings at which the public, health care providers and the media are welcome. Agendas and topics for discussion are always posted online in advance so that interested parties can plan to attend. The meetings are webcast so that others can follow developments from home. Open Board Meetings begin with an Open Mic segment where people can share important information with our Board.

“We understand the importance of keeping in touch and hearing what you have to say.”

We’re also active in the communities we serve, hosting dedicated informational sessions and making presentations to community groups and professional associations. These almost always include a Q&A session or opportunities for discussion and community input. Maintaining this liaison activity involves considerable staff time and effort, but we understand the importance of keeping in touch and hearing what you have to say.

In our efforts to leverage every possible channel for input, we also maintain active dialogues on community forums and social media. You can always reach us through Twitter, Facebook or email. Our YouTube link is another source of news and information. Finally, you can also write us a letter or call us at 1-866-231-5446.

In these and other ways, we’re always striving to be more open, more accessible and more customer-focused. Because when you understand the reasons behind our decisions and when you know that it’s easy to communicate with us, it makes for a healthier community relationship.

How can you make your voice heard on day-to-day issues? There are several avenues open to you

Questions and Information
Given the complexity and importance of health care, it’s not surprising to learn that we receive a lot of requests for information. To ensure that everyone gets an accurate response, we strongly recommend the use of our Information Request Form, also available online at Just click on “Contact us” to find the form.

When our health care system works well (as we hope it does in the majority of cases), consider complimenting the care provider whose service was exceptional. We also like to hear about your positive stories, as it helps us identify areas of “best practice” to build upon.

When the system performs below your expectation (as we acknowledge it sometimes does, despite best efforts), it’s once again best to deal directly with the source. That said, the LHIN team welcomes input that highlights areas for improvement. Having a clearly documented understanding of your
concern is essential, so we provide an easy-to-use Concerns form, available on our website. Visit and click on “Concerns.” You can also call us toll free at 1-866-231-5446. Just press 0 (zero) to reach a receptionist, and we’ll put you in touch with the person who is best able to respond to your inquiry. We know how frustrating it can sometimes be to get information, and we’re committed to making it an easier, friendlier and more personalized process.