French Language Services Toolkit

The French Language Services (FLS) Toolkit was developed to provide an overview on a variety of subjects related to the delivery of services in French. Each section was conceived with the intent of providing useful information and practical tools to make delivery of services in French as easy as possible. You will find information on:

  • The Francophone community
  • Active offer of French language services
  • Implementation of French language services
  • Human resources, training, translation and interpretation
  • Supporting legislation and

The Toolkit also contains flyers and fact sheets which complement the information provided.

To reach your LHIN’s French Language Services Coordinator:
The LHIN’s French Language Services Coordinator is an important resource who can support you as you implement and deliver services in French. If you have any questions about the Toolkit and templates, or you need support in reaching out to the Francophone community, please contact:

Marthe Dumont
Erie St. Clair LHIN
Phone: 1-866-231-5446 or 519-351-5677, ext. 3241


Download the FLS Toolkit